Monday, May 21, 2018
Dota 2

Temptress of Anguish

Dota2 Workshop Item set for Queen of Pain. Steam Workshop

Team Liquid, Immortals among the prime cut teams in Midas Mode

Midas Mode by MoonduckTV is bursting with premier teams including TI7 champions, Team Liquid and the Korean overlords, Immortals.  When Midas Mode announced one month ago that OG and Evil Geniuses would be participating in their highly anticipated event,...

Virtus Pro ends Team Liquid’s 12-series winning streak

A months-long tale of western rivalries escalates at ESL One Hamburg, the first Dota Pro Circuit Major, with a landmark victory for Virtus Pro—or, specifically, a loss for Team Liquid. Liquid, the European TI7 champions,...

Rhinoceros, a Auccessful Conservation Story in India

Have you ever had the feeling that you got into something at the wrong time? For me, that was the Dan Dare experience. As a kid, I had Dan Dare II: Mekon's Revenge, an...


Today, the resource updated the data on prize-winning cybersports in accordance with the completed International 2017. It is logical that all players of Team Liquid after winning ten million entered the top ten. On...

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